Welcome to my Studio!

A clean, bright space

Welcome to my little corner! Located in Glen Ridge, my studio is perfect for newborn photos, babies, first birthday photos, and small family photos. It has a lot of natural light, a white brick wall, and seasonal backdrops. The center of the room features a large skylight, making it bright even on rainy days.

Why go to the studio?

  • Going to the studio is great for a few reasons. When you have a newborn, as hard it can be to get out of the house, sometimes it's easier to get out than it would be to clean your home for the session.
  • I haven't seen everyone's home before our session, but I can guarantee good light at my studio. I choose and created this space photography in mind.
  • Sometimes kids will behave better for a session when they're not at home surrounded by all their toys & other distractions.
  • There is free parking!

Sample studio photos

Located at:

855 Bloomfield Ave, #204

Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

by appointment only